Political Ideology of South African Political party, Inkatha Freedom Party

Ideologies are a set of ideas and opinions shared by group of people or individual. It can also be described as a way of thinking or world-view which is the way a group of people or individual see the world. Ideologies are often used to develop a set of political ideas that characterize a specific... Continue Reading →


Becoming the ultimate Journo-tweeter

  Most of us have come to realize that Twitter is at the forefront of media and news. This is quite evident today as everyone is keenly obsessive and addicted to social media. Entering my first year in journalism, i don't think i had any idea that Twitter was a fundamental tool for journalists everywhere... Continue Reading →

Apartheid Spatial Plannings effect

Khayelitsha is said to be the largest township in the city of Cape Town, Western Cape. Khayelitsha was established in the year of 1983 to accommodate informal settlement dwellers coming from Old Crossroads.¬†Apartheid ended 2 decades ago but the effects of it still lives on and affects the lives of many people who were discriminated... Continue Reading →

Is Automated journalism stealing your job?

Automated journalism has been a big topic within the journalism and media industry. Journalist are in fear of losing the jobs to robots who can write articles faster than they can. A number of Publications like The New York Times & The Washington Post have already started using automated journalism. The Washington Post's robot reporter... Continue Reading →

The Speed of Fake News

Fake news travels fast. The whole world is quite aware of the fact that fake news travels faster than the truth. We have all either shared fake news or have had someone share fake news with us. In this day and age its safe to say that we're living in a Fake news epidemic.¬† Thanks... Continue Reading →

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